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Like, when I kill a student, they care, when they kill me, they don’t care. Also, you might wanna add somethings that are in Yandere simulator like Easter eggs, the delinquents, the bullies, and clubs that actually do stuff, etc. Also I want to see when Senpai notices you, he actually does something.

This game is so fun the updates are fast and I feel like I am back in school again and my kids love playing this its amazing the NPCs have personalitys and you can have unique convosations with them. Hello, I played this game a while ago and still do so. However, it has a limited amount of interactions .

Sculpt People

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but “game testing from home” isn’t really a thing. There are some companies that you can sign up with to do a bit of from-home Beta testing, but as far as I know it’s not a full time “job” – just a couple hours a month if they even call you. Any other site that claims you can work as a full-time tester from home, is likely a scam. There are some very convincing scams out android High School Simulator 2018 app download there – they show up on page 1 of Google searches, they have testimonial videos that seem legit, but they’re not.

  • It sports a 7 hour rechargeable battery, and comes with a charging dock.
  • Akademi is a very famous high school, being synonymous with Harvard or Yale within the in-game universe.
  • Your job is to pick the students from school and drop them to their desired location.
  • So, I want to know if there are oportunities to be hired from American or European companies anyway.
  • In any case, be sure to try each of the available choices out as you may discover even zanier things than what you would normally experience in the game by just playing through it normally.

It should also have reputation bar as in the game. It would also be cool when you get all bloody that you can go the a locker room and clean of. I think that it could use some delinquents so you don’t have to kill someone and not have to just put the body in so you should add a challenge and add delinquents.

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