Best Papers for Fountain Pens

Best Papers for Fountain Pens

You will find a wide array of considerations whenever selecting a paper that is great usage with fountain pens. It’s very similar to picking a wine that is fine many subtleties and nuances. Nevertheless, any paper that is great draw out a complete new lease of life to your pencils and ink, allowing you to see things you might have missed before like sheen.

Let’s begin with a summary of this plain facts to consider whenever picking a paper. Click the link to leap right to the guidelines.

Whiteness and colors

Paper, since you may know, are available in virtually every color imaginable, from pure white to a bright neon pink. The de facto standard for lots more fountain pen paper is white. Some documents could be more white (brighter and less gray) than the others. Another popular color is just a color that is cream/ivory.

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