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However, as we get older, you need to give your metabolism a hand in order to maintain a healthy weight. At its core, eating healthy and exercising can help keep your heart healthy, but it’s best to consult an expert on other matters of the body.

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“Joining a smoking cessation program is a great gift to give to yourself. Smoking is a well-known risk factor for multiple chronic diseases. Cutting back or quitting smoking is an excellent way to live a healthier life,” says Summer Yule, MS, RDN. In our youth, our bodies seem to work efficiently with little to no help at all.

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  • The studies found that, overall, dog owners tend to live longer than non-owners.
  • But the Congressional Budget Office recently concluded that even this soak-the-rich option is insufficient to prevent insolvency for Social Security.
  • And they often recover better from major health events such as a heart attack or stroke, especially if they live alone.
  • His administration increased the future eligible age of full Social Security benefits from 65 to 66 or 67, depending on one’s birth year.

“The combination of different types of exercise—aerobic, strength and balance training, and flexibility—is important to healthy aging.” NIH’s Go4Life website has tips to help older adults get and stay active. Natural changes to the body as we age can lead to a gradual loss of muscle, reduced energy, and achy joints. These changes may make it tempting to move less and sit more. But doing that can raise your risk for disease, disability, and even death. It’s important to work with a doctor to find the types of physical activity that can help you maintain your health and mobility.

It’s thrilling that our key findings are now indeed being confirmed by other researchers. According to Diddahally Govindaraju, a geneticist at Harvard University, in Boston, Massachusetts, this decreases the risk of forming damaging mutations in our DNA, which could lead to diseases like cancer. “Calorie restriction appears to reduce DNA damage and improve DNA repair,” he says. “And genome integrity appears to be a feature among centenarians.” weight loss diets that work Besides being fairly frugal, the diets in the Blue Zones are mostly plant-based, which can contribute to greater heart health. In addition to causing lung cancer, cigarette-smoking is associated with serious health problems including heart attack, stroke and mouth and throat cancers, making it a significant threat to longevity.

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The best way to reduce your risk, of course, is never to smoke at all — but if you do, experts advise quitting as soon as possible to minimize threats to your health. Mythical tales of immortals are found everywhere from the Greek myths and alchemist’s notebooks to modern movies and futuristic science-fiction books. As the science of aging progresses, scientists have made tremendous progress in extending human life. “After more than 2 years, the physical activity group had less disability, and if they became disabled, they were disabled for a shorter time than those in the comparison group,” Bernard explains.

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