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Actor=Tripti Dimri;
Director=Anvita Dutt;
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Bulbbul (given name) is cinema where technical brilliance, thanks to its rich and grand beautiful production setup, beautiful photography, and bold colour scheme, outsmarts all other elements including the plot. Or at least that’s what you feel when you start watching this supernatural drama (horror is a misnomer here in the literal sense but very appropriate if you think about it after watching it) about a girl who is child-married off at a young age to a man, who is old enough to be her father but is in reality of royal blood. Twenty years since this marriage, things take a ghastly turn for the girl, who is now the lady of the manor, and for her husband (Rahul Bose) her brothers-in-law, and her sole sister-in-law (Paoli Dam. Bulbbul takes time to tell its story and it is evident that patience of the viewer is in test here. But in that slow-burning rests the cinematic brilliance of Anvita Dutt and her crew who carve out a narration that is slow-paced yet attractive, lethargic yet mythical, and overall enigmatic. The sequences are nicely stitched together and it’s actually fun to spot those finer elements between sequences that throw hints at you, making you guess what might be what. And in all this splendour shines Tripti Dimri in her effortless performance as the titular woman, helpless yet powerful. She holds the film together along with good support from Bose and Dam who have equally important roles in suggesting that “some men are insane but. There’s cliche hidden somewhere in the proceedings, but I would request you to ignore them for the superior elements that make up this clear shift from pedestrian thrillers in Bollywood. It is not a scary movie as you might expect but it will surprise you if you let it. That one scene involving Bose’s character on a mirror is enough to make you sing praises for this magical ride that goes from 10 to 100 quickly.
Bulbbul is about a woman, and it manages to chase subtexts of social menace grappling women of the modern world even through its late nineteenth-century setting. If you stick with it till the end, goosebumps are guaranteed. It is when you realise who the real evil is and if the demon woman is someone to be hated that you will begin to see Bulbbul for what it is. TN.
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Bulbbul is the recent Netflix film, produced by Clean Slate Filmz ( Anushka Sharma’s Production ) which is responsible for Pari, NH10 and recent Pataal Lok. Like Pari, the film posses an full arc of the supernatural being in the film. Its about a girl who married in her childhood and after that seen so many inhuman events that occurred with her. Tripti Dimri( Laila Majnu fame) delivers a powerhouse performance, her character is naive, vulnerable and powerful at times. She achieved every emotion perfectly. Other characters like Avinash Tiwari and Paoli Dam, Rahul Bose are great in their respective roles. Anushka Sharma’s vision towards the horror genre is again commendable. The production design, costumes and sound score are on point. Although the screenplay is little week that could have been better.
If you are looking for a layered and different horror film then you should definitely give it a chance.

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