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Due the restricted limit by Apple, iTunes doesn’t allow you to transfer music back from an iPod to your Windows or Mac computer, this is why you need an iPod Music Transfer software as an iTunes alternative. Among dozens of similar iPod Music Transfer software, how to make the best choice?

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We encountered crashes during transfers, had buggy transfers of types of data, and it can’t move iBooks. TouchCopy gives powerful iPod music syncing feature set that allows to transfer music, video, podcasts, and additional data like address book entries, text messages, voicemails, and ringtones. You’ll find TouchCopy is extremely helpful as it’s just one-for-all iPod music syncing solution.

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We take the labor and list all reputed iPod music transfer software here. Read on this article to find the solution that suits your need.

Download all the music, podcasts, and audiobooks I want while on Wi-Fi, and then drop my iPod touch in the car and I’ve got a world of entertainment at my fingertips. I don’t have to reconnect my iPhone every time I get into the car. Plus, when I need my iPhone for navigation, I don’t have to worry about it interrupting my listening experience. When it comes to music listening, downloading or streaming, the iPod touch 7 is pretty much exactly the same as its predecessor. You’re not getting a new or better listening experience.

Once I was able to scan and find a flat surface , the game was afoot! Though the screen is a little small for AR, the overall device size is much better for AR games. It’s lightweight and easy to move around with one hand. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anyone trying to play AR games on an iPad, but it’s an awkward experience.

If you have never owned an iPod touch, or like me, your last iPod touch is still running iOS 6 and doesn’t even support Apple Music, a new iPod touch is a great investment. In 2015, when Apple updated the iPod touch again, things had changed significantly for Apple in terms of its iPhone lineup. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were Apple’s flagship devices with Touch ID, a 12MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, 4K video recording, and a lot of big improvements. The iPod touch didn’t have any biometric login (still doesn’t), didn’t support 4K video (still doesn’t), and had an 8MP rear camera and paltry 1.2MP front-facing camera .

You can see how the gap in technology grew over those three short years. Every nominator mentioned above has solid iPod syncing performance and is capable for managing your iPod music. As each of them focuses on different part of the iPod music transferring process, now it’s up to you to get the best iPod Music Transfer software per your need. Pod to Mac is blazingly fast iPod to Mac music transfer and can move album art, song ratings, ringtones, and photos.

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Thanks to Screen Time and improved parental controls, you can also lock down this iPod touch and monitor it from your iPhone. More freedom for the little ones, less annoyances for you ("Mom, can I play with your iPhone while we’re out xpadder windows 7 to dinner?"). The only other significant change is that the iPod touch 7 storage capacity goes to 256GB, which is pretty darn big if the only thing you’re using it for is media and entertainment.

The iPhone XS, however, goes to 512GB, so you can double your storage and save half of it just for movies, music, and games if you wanted and have the better screen and graphics processor. You can, however, use the Messages app with your Apple ID to send and receive iMessages, including using tap backs, screen effects, and bubble effects. For Android users, this is a great way to participate in the phenomenon that is Messages without having to switch. As for AR, I installed Lego AR Playgrounds to see what the iPod touch could do.

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